20 Dec

So I had a craving for otak-otak a few weeks back.

And I found an easy recipe HERE. It’s not really the true otak-otak, because there were several modifications. Aluminium foil instead of banana leaves, prawns instead of fish. :)

Thai red curry paste + cili padi (YES I CAN FIND IT IN TESCO!) + Mackerel fish + lime juice + eggs

£3 worth of prawns. T.T

Ready to put in the oven.


It was successful! Can you believe it??

Although I think the coconut milk taste was quite strong, I only used half a can actually.

And there was some water in it, but my friend said it’s normal because if I used banana leaves, the water can evaporate.


And it taste quite like otak-otak o. Just too much coconut milk only.

Wa damn proud wei. LOL.

* * *

So we had a pot luck that night, at my friend’s place.

Food, cards and laughter. It was fun. I ate so much I still feel full the next morning. HAHAHA.

The soup I made, which wasn’t that successful.

Cookies. Unbaked yet.

Sponge cake.

We can get the sponge cake mixture from tesco, and just add egg and water. Then it can be placed in the oven.

It is that easy! -.-

Chicken and onion.

The soup. Out of all the ingredients, I only eat 2. HAHAHA. Mushroom and potatoes. :P

The soup looks nice right. Lol. It was a bit too sweet and there was this weird vege taste la. Because it was all vege and no meat. My friends said some meat could have prevented it. T.T

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